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I AM an Ordained Metaphysical Minister, and I have a Bachelor and Master Degree in Metaphysical Science from the International Metaphysical Ministry University Seminary.  I am currently working on a Doctorate Degree.

I AM a Transformational Guide, Reiki Practitioner, Soul Liberator, Mirror and Black Light Awakener and Empowered Storyteller Guide and Facilitator.

I AM a successful accomplished author of several books, workbooks and cards on various subjects. Currently, I have one fiction book and three books that are useful tools that everyone. 

The "I AM" series combined with "Nana's Book Of Insights & Recipes", and the "Trinity Within" Book which is co-authored with Calvin Johnson, has manifested into reality after three years of nurturing, cultivation and refinement.

The "I AM Astrology" workbook and cards, and "Foundational Astrology", will be released soon. I am also currently working on a children' book with affirmation cards.

The children edition of the I AM Affirmation cards, have been released to the public and is now available on Amazon and this website.

I am currently studying RBTI (Reams Biology Technique Ionizations) by Dr. Cary Reams. RBTI saved my life by providing the precise science and mathematics for my body's needs. I was healing with outdated methods that my body was appreciating but needed specific minerals for who I am as a woman over 50.

The "R & R Legacies" crystal bracelets I've created, will also be released with the "I AM" book series. I created several collections to honor different journeys and the foundational ancestors of my life.

The "I Am" bracelets are made with intentions and crystals that have synergy. For each chapter of my book and workbook, specific crystals assisted me through the process. With each completion came clarity and a stronger resolve about the direction of my life. Physical manifestations in different forms appeared. I am directed to offer these crystal's blessing to the public so they may assist others.

 The "Ancestor" bracelets are made with the intention to assist others during the grieving processes of the transition of loved ones. Each bracelet is unique and the crystal's chosen, resonates with the release and acceptance of having a different relationship with their Beloveds who are now their personal angels so that they can remain grounded and present within their own journey.

In honor of the memory of my artistic parents, I've created a "Jimmy Lee" and "Retia Mae" Collection of crystal bracelets that are made for a specific purpose.

"D Source" crystal bracelets are in honor of my brother, who was an artist in this lifetime.

All bracelets are Reiki infused and come with specific charms within a satin bag and box. A note is included with information about the type and care of the one of a kind designed crystal bracelet. 

The above have been pieces of insight into the steps I took to transform my life. I am blessed that other individuals, have allowed me to be a part of their transformational journey. Especially the youth, younger and elder generations. Each generation holds pieces to the collective healing, and I AM present within our humanitarian evolutionary processes and spiritual/soul transformational journey.

As such, I honored the inner prompting to release tools that can assist one in their transformation process. 

In-joy my books, journals, workbooks, cards and R & R Legacies Bracelets. 

Namaste & Won Love,

Alisha Roberts


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