My Story


My life has been a magical journey of self-discovery, transformation and self-activation into my True Self. Each phase and experiences of my life has led me to be a demonstration of my present awareness and authentic acknowledgement of what I AM evolving into.

This is what the "I AM" series is about. Sharing pieces of the jewels that I've embraced to reclaim the Divine Right to BE ME! With full acceptance, BEing whole and connected to the Higher Source that I AM WON with. 

The beauty of the "I AM" series is the opportunity to face the limited perceptions of "I AM" as a human as well as reprograming and transforming one's mind to embrace one's Divine Birthright as a Spiritual Being with acceptance of the direct connection to the Infinite Source within.​


It took me a while to utilize my fire of resistance for my greater good and let go of the unrealistic expectations of people, places and things as I accepted all of me. Especially the part where people were thinking I wasn't patient, or I was controlling.  In reality, it was actually my intuition and soul protection mechanisms speaking to me that it wasn't my truth. Once I let go and realized it was actually mirrors and windows to learn more about myself, my heart, my actions vs words and a host of other things, I embraced everyone's journeys. Presently, I mainly focus on me, my family and those who are open to healthy communications of sorts. My need to be right or validated was my biggest lessons to reveal what was in alignment for me and to not fear the perception of failure. 

Although life is a deep and vast journey, mines rich with having compassion for others journey, it is a multi-dimensional journey for me. I forgave myself for being unaware that I have my own personal relationship with Source and allowed others to do the same with love.  I finally realized that I didn't need validation nor needed to support others to be valid, rather, it was my responsibility to be free and committed to my personal integrity as I respected others as they did the same without oppression, separation, control, or judgement. 

No matter what phase of my life I am in, the power of words is magnified and stand out to me. Upon my journey, I take a "talk fast" and witness without fear. Surprising truths arises, and Infinite Source always connect me to what I need(ed) as disconnections are made. Even when I try to backtrack holding on to old beliefs, the Universe provides support to let me know I am not alone, and I must move forward trusting everything will work out to its highest good for all. 

My first series of books are dedicated to the Infinite Birthright that we all are born with, the I AM Presence that exists within.

My Current Accomplishments and Work in Progress

Why I Love to Write


I write to speak my truth, share my dreams and to activate my creativity.


I've always written to share my thoughts and inspire others to vote for themselves by reclaiming their Divine Rights, with conscious responsibility to create the life and world they want to live in without the need for validation.


Currently I am taking my time and sharing what I am led to vibrate out into the world.

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My Story

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