Honoring My Greatest Teachers and Inspirations


I AM the daughter of two amazing parents and a blessed sister to a loving brother who are all ancestors now.

I stand on the shoulders of Jimmy Lee, Retia Mae (Ringo), and Derek Roy Roberts with gratitude and honor, as I continue on in this lifetime with their presence and support to keep striving, thriving and being in ways that I can add on useful vibrations for our future generations to grow from.


I AM grateful to be a mother of two beautiful children, Calvin Sr. and Christina and "Nana" to three grandchildren, Kobie, Norre', and Calvin Jr.. I am blessed to have two amazing children who blessed my womb and my life. I give thanks that both of you grew up and have partners to co-parent with and who chose to have a relationship with me as well. I am grateful you all allow me a window into your lives to expand and be present on the journey of creating conscious partnerships.


I am also grateful to still maintain healthy relationships with my two shared- children from my previous marriage of 22 year; Marqus, and Morgan and his son Marquell. They all assist me to continue to be true to my heart and soul, as I center myself as a human and spiritual being.

I AM blessed to be an aunt and great-aunt to two beautiful nieces, Wanakee and Ava and her amazing husband. 

I AM infinitely thankful for my soul-mate and the co-author of Trinity Within, Calvin Johnson. No words could ever express my feelings of gratitude for your true and unconditional friendship and love for me and our family, as well as my family as a whole. To withstand the test of time and my egoic pains, by refusing to let nothing stop you for actively reaching out to us and remembering special moments, to me is what the journey is all about. It's not perfect, however, it is "presence" that matter the most.  I AM grateful for our RE-MEMBER-ING this lifetime contract agreement. Thank you for being present for my heart and mind clarity, clearing and resetting processes. Now that I am aware, I treasure the bigger than me connections.

I am also grateful for all my elders, babas, mamas, beloveds, family members, soul-sistars and soul-brothers,  as well as those who have created adverse sparks for me to be clear about myself and have awareness of my thoughts, words, and actions so that I can take responsibility as I hold myself accountable for my desires in the ways that are healthy for me without dimming someone's light or judging their processes of beingness. It has not always been easy to not be a victim, however, with all of your presence, I would not be in love with myself and have learned to let go as I trust my processes in the progress within my work.


I AM an optimistic, loving, and caring woman that is proud to be a descend of the Ringo and Roberts bloodline, as well as other bloodlines of my ancestors that work for my highest good and called me forward so that we can unite us all into a harmonious WONness. As such, I am grateful for both sides of my living and transcended family, for they too, are my greatest teachers and inspirations.

It is all of them that I honor and embrace my agreement to step into the unknown and trust Infinite Source to face the limitations, uncomfortable zones of the past, and the spiritual realms, so that we all remember that we are traveling through this lifetime as a spiritual being and we possess gifts that are more than just dreams and hobbies.


With our Divine birthright connection to Infinite Source within us, we can transcend our fears, perceptions, and limited mental unrealistic realities and live the life we are born to live and create for ourselves, our families and the collective consciousness, even if it's for those who we are on the same present vibrational frequencies.


With humility, accountability, and courage, our fears become doorways to our greatest destiny and deepest desires to live a joy-filled, prosperous, and peaceful life. As we forgive ourselves and those, we perceive to hurt us, we surrender and embrace the blessings that we are more than we think. With their conscious or unconscious assistance, we release with gratitude and acceptance of our journey here. My family, my attractions, my attracted collective windows, and various partners remind me that we can attract harmonious conscious partnerships and have amazing and supportive relationships that willingly be present for each other's soul's growth and development.

I am infinitely grateful for my family, because it is them that inspired me to evolve and expand my heart, becoming a person I never could imagined. All my experiences, harmonious and disharmonious, are my catalyst to embracing the I AM presence that exist in all of us. I accept my true self life particles.


I've joyfully assisted others in their dreams and desires to birth useful tools and resources for our community in Detroit when I was in alignment to do so. I've been blessed by so many clients and customers who trusted me to replay their voice and to hear my own, so that I could become clear about my truths, worthiness, and desires. As such, in 2018 when my mother made her transition, at the age of fifty, with gratitude of what was and had been, I secured our family home, released my marriage of twenty-one years and then made the decision to slowly let go of my businesses as I focused on healing and rebirthing myself, allowing other desires to emerge from my womb.

Since then, I've relocated to North Carolina to honor my desires and needs to deprogram, surrender, release, and regenerate myself into the next phase of my journey. 

I am grateful, thankful, and blessed to have the full support of my family, shared children and many beloveds, as I maintain many meaningful relationships on my journey of clarity from my inner promptings.

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