Humble Business Initiations


  • In 2000, I begin braiding hair to pay for my children's braces in my living room and over time, I developed carpal tunnel and let go of braiding hair to focus on locks and natural hair clients. Authentically U was my first business as a natural hair cultivator.

  • I was just learning about shea butter and natural products due to me caring for my husband locks at the time and our experiences and connections lead him to be inspired to start a vending business called Earth Creations in 2001. I would go on to later create my first business, Lotus Earth Creations and develop my own hair and skin products, as well as, unique oil blends. I changed the name in 2016 to Sacred Stone Collections to better reflect the nature of my crystal business and what I was known for.

Although my family had their fair share of various health issues, it became magnified for me when my son developed a severe case of appendicitis 2000. This was my initiation into spirituality. As a mother, I took it personal because I felt that I am the one who is their guardian and responsible for what they eat as children. As such, I embraced the changes necessary for my family to be healthy together and begin tapping into the sistars that were present in my life at that time and their wisdom about tiling the soil, making your own products and eating healthy foods. As a result, I transformed our backyard into a herbal garden. 

  • In 2005, I began selling crystals to others who were interested in what I was wearing and as a vibrational match from doing my private spiritual work. 

  •  By 2007, my clientele and customers grew, so I expanded my business and had my brother create an office and sacred space for me in the basement which had already begin to be my store and salon.

Alisha Roberts-Brown
Alisha Roberts-Brown

Summer of 2000 The beginning of my spiritual and know-thy-self journeys.

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Home Garden
Home Garden

With my mom in my garden on Ewald Circle.

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Courtesy of Sidney Mathews

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Alisha Roberts-Brown
Alisha Roberts-Brown

Summer of 2000 The beginning of my spiritual and know-thy-self journeys.

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  • 2007 - 2008 I embraced my journey with Project Goddess. I married my soul in 2008, and it was then when I begin to be aware of how I had already been creating my life and the necessary changes I needed in order to be truly authentic. Although I had been honest and truthful about myself and my passions, many truths were revealed to me and I wasn't aware of various contrasts that were occurring in my life to why I felt like I was pushing against dead weight. It would take eight more years to gain the courage to surrender and allow others to live their truths and another ten years before I begin to enforce healthy boundaries for myself and not allow others ways of beingness to more important than mines.

  • 2008 - 2016 The Goddess Collective had various programs, workshops and other healing ventures to offer and to receive. After marrying my soul, I open up to the public and community to learn more about spirituality, facilitate and attend workshops, lectures and classes as well as be a part of some amazing community healing circles upon which I have been blessed to be in the cosmic alignment for healing with many worthy men and women would were ready to do their work, accept their assignments, agreements, contracts and/or go willingly through their metamorphosis stages to be who they came here to be even if it was a moment, season or lifetimes. With my Goddess Sistars of Validity, we facilitate  workshops and healing circles for men and women, such as "Baba's Foot Washing", "Restoration of the Ankh" "Victimless Goddess Workshop", and more.  I am forever grateful for all those who did their work and shined a light to assist others, including me, without expectations, rather self-acceptance. We all have our thoughts, and I am grateful for the pure love we all shared upon the journeys together. Divine Alchemy Jewelry was birthed as a result of designing the jewelry for our initiation ceremony. As a result, I was blessed to be requested design sacred crystal jewelry for various people for special occasions, personal empowerment and sacred events.

  • In 2008 to 2009, I was enrolled in the Michigan Institute of Natural Medicine, were I became a certified Herbalist. Master Herbalist and a Blood Cell Analysis. It was a deep passion to assist others in their health, however there is a line that must be created to not feel responsible for others decisions and life processes. This was a big lesson for me, and the universe was constantly reminding me even though I was being requested, I was in my early phases of learning to say no and set healthy boundaries.

  • I took a buyout after working17years for the postal service and in 2010, stepped fully into being a full time entrepreneur. Life as I had envisioned and did ritual for, begin to shift and the self-realization that I am only in control of my life and desires.  

  • 2011 - 2012 I had already gained the courage to be open and receptive to the teachings of those in my community were doing things I was interested in, however, prior to 2007, I was rocking it out with Infinite Source and my family during Kwanzaa time. After learning, assisting and creating with and for  community healing workshops and practices, I created one for the women in my family. Venus Rising was birth as a collective leadership opportunity for each member to take a month and facilitate whatever their hearts desires and we all would support it. Although it lasted a year, it was enough to open me up to what was needed during that time in my life and sprinkle seeds in the older and younger generation in our family. 


  • 2011 - 2013, while awaiting time to go to cosmetology school, I was requested to assist a friend created a girls program at her daughter's school. Together, we birth her vision of Young Girls of Victory at High School. I met some amazing younger sistars that grew up and embraced their goddess and spiritual Beingness as they followed their journeys in life. 

My brother made his sudden transition into the ancestral realm later that year and in 2011 my father followed him into the ancestral realm just as I started my first week at cosmetology school. I scheduled my test to get my license on his birthday the following year.

  • In 2012 I became a licensed Cosmetologist of which, I specialized in natural hair.  I transformed my grief into self-determination and presence for my mom whom in her mind had just lost her son and husband back to back.

  • In 2014, I took a computer course which lead me to ProsperUS Entrepreneur Training at Focus Hope in Detroit, Michigan. It was so frustrating coming to the self realization that the vision you agreed to as a team, was not a team that was healthy for you. During this course, it pushed me to face several truths. I struggled emotionally, however, I embraced the journey and succeeded my goal and setting necessary boundaries. I developed a new vision for my business and accepted others truths as I rebuilt myself again.

  • 2014 - 2016 I continued to put my attention on the collective consciousness and my community in the areas I was lead to be present for at that time. I expand in my businesses providing various crystal classes and workshops, as well as within myself.

  • 2016 was the year I birth another one of my expansion visions of Sacred Stone Collections Home Metaphysical Store and Restoration Space.

  • In 2018, my mother made her transition and I made many decisions that was necessary for my wellness. I let go of the home store business and released pressure from my areas of my life. I released the fight and the places that I had held for others, I was now holding and allowing those who were aligned to hold sacred space me. I was no longer able to give away energy before I was complete within me. This was something I had created for a long time and during that time, I could not hold on or fight for others who were needing me to be something I could not.  I was finally able to cry for myself and begin the atonement and reconciliation phase as I embraced loving myself first.

  • In 2019, with gratitude of what was and had been, I secured my birth family home then made the decision to slowly let go of my businesses and focused on rebirthing myself and allowed other desires to emerge from my womb. I relocated to North Carolina to honor my desires and needs to deprogram, surrender, release, and regenerate myself into the next phase of my journey. Once I arrived, weights lifted off me and I went on a roller coast of emotional, physical and spiritual journeys. ​

  • In 2020 and the world was forced to take care of themselves, I was given more grace time to discover and heal. At first I went back to what I knew as a crystal retailer, however as time world prove that one of my visions would not manifest as a brick and mortar retailer in a new state with the changes that were in place to protect us all. For me, it gave me more grace and self-reflection time to own what my life was already designed to be. I decided to mine my own crystals and I was able to receive an abundance of crystals and prepare them naturally for customers. Pushing through on reserved energy and outdated holistic practices, my health was fading again. In the fall of 2020, I made a decision to let go and sold my crystal business to fully embraced the journey of my health and other passions as I trust the Universe to align with my Higher True Self Journey.

Despite what has come up and needed to be released, I am grateful for every experience. The Universe has always connected me to the right people in the right places at the right timing. In fear and love, sadness and joy, lack and abundance as we as in doubt and confidence, I am infinitely grateful for my knowing that I am won with Infinite Source.

Life is not what you think it is, it is what you make it. There was a time where I thought Ego was a bad thing or something that wasn't healthy. I've learned NO-thing is separate from self and self is always connected to Infinite Source, even if it is perceived otherwise.  In reality its the limitations and fears of change that hinder one from evolving. I've learn to let go of holding on so tight to what I think that I squeeze the life out of the love and joy I desire. Life is a journey and I am grateful that I embrace my fears and travel the truth of my love path, anyway.

I am grateful, thankful, and blessed to have the full support of my family, shared children and beloveds, as I maintain many meaningful relationships as well as the new heart connections that are in alignment for the phase of life I am in on my journey.

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