Alisha's Purpose

​My purpose is to transform my life into the greatest version of myself and remember who I AM.


My passion is to assist willing individuals on their journey of self-acceptance, self-love, self-empowerment and self-responsibility.

My goal is to assist willing souls who are ready to become fearless to change their past and present life adverse imprints and ancestral patterns that keeps one bonded to outdated, limited and unhealthy lifestyles built upon ignorance and fear. 

I AM a Transformational Guide and Narrative Illuminator​


My Message


INjoy your unique journey.

Be fearless to love yourself and treat others how you want to be treated, even if you have to set healthy boundaries for yourself that others do not understand.

Be honest with yourself without validation and a need to validate others when your internal guidance says no. Don't sacrifice or compromise your personal integrity for potentials.


Listen to what is and isn't being said and how that makes you feel inside.

Develop wise discernment. Pay attention to actions verses words.

Embrace your journey without judgement and be your own savior by developing an intimate relationship with your higher source.


Learn and practice healthy ways of living by allowing yourself to feel the fears and do it anyway.

Write, speak, be, and live the life you want to experience even if the people you want to go with you can't come. Remember, we all have a unique path to walk, so trust we all are where we are supposed to be.

My message is to be the love and support to yourself FIRST, then share with others without settling for less than you are worth.​

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