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I AM Affirmations & Affirmative Statements | Self Activation Book

The I AM Series is inspired by the I AM Presence within me that I connect with and draw strength from. Affirmations are prayers. Affirmations and affirmative statements are clear and direct words to and of Infinite Source.


Affirmations are a reminder that we are apart of Infinite Source. We can own our words, thoughts and actions as we interact with each other and all of it's creations because no matter what, our vibrational energy for whatever reasons, comes back to us because we are the source of the energy we put out. 

The I AM affirmations book is filled with I AM affirmations examples in various areas of life such as money, self-esteem, self-love, relationships and personal power. 

We have a divine right to have a intimate relationship with the Higher Source within and connected to all, without someone else telling us what that such be or look like. 

I first became aware of affirmations from Louise Hays and Queen Afua. It took me a while to realize riding the fence and being in oppositional forces would cause me to choose a side in various areas of my life. I decided to choose life, love, joy, peace, prosperity, and abundance of life giving connections and relationships that others may or may not agree with. I chose to save myself and do my soul, shadow, and human work to evolve (change) as a spirit and human being. The affirmation series is  a big part of my shift in consciousness, surrendering to trust Infinite Source and be present in my life's journey.

As I share my intimate relationship with you, I have faith that it will strengthen and expand your connection to your Higher Source. 

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I AM Affirmations & Affirmative Statements | Self-Activation Journal

Just like the I AM Affirmations Self Activation Book, this journal was birthed out of my many journeys of self-love, self-empowerment, and self-activation to create and have strengthen to counter my inner and outer critics and intentionally connect within to Infinite Source.

In the I AM Affirmations & Affirmative Statements | Self-Activation Journal, there are some of the important questions that one must ask themselves so that they are clear about themselves by writing the answers. "What are my self-love actions?", "How do I secure myself?" and more. It is designed to internally asking questions so that one can create a healthy relationship with themselves and others. It also has bonus examples of affirmations and affirmative statements to assist one in creating their own.

There are affirmation affirmation guides to assist one in expanding their focus and truly tune into one's personal feelings and thoughts. The goal is to separate what others say or is experiencing and own your feelings, thoughts, desires, and actions so that you can live a more authentic and harmonious life with acceptance of your life processes.  This process assists me to become aware of and take responsibility for my contradictions and be clear about the type of relationship I am having with myself and others.

The  I AM Affirmations & Affirmative Statements | Self-Activation Journal is great for those who are in a space of experiencing oppositions in their life, disharmonious relationships, a renewed feeling of self-discovery and building self-esteem awareness.  

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I AM Affirmations & Affirmative Statements Self-Activation Cards

The I AM Affirmations & Affirmative Statements Self-Activation Transformation Cards and the I AM Affirmations & Affirmative Statements Self-Activation Teacher's Edition Cards are both designed to assist individuals who prefer to read card instead of a book when being pro-active in retraining their mind to think positive about themselves and incorporate a new way being in their lives. Hence the self-activation. 

Both decks have a mixture between a word or sentences as it relates to the I AM Presence within. A card can be drawn daily or weekly and placed in one's consistent eyesight as a reminder of one's expression accordingly. Both decks assist one to release a outer focus, returning it to the one that matter's most, I AM self.

The teacher's edition, has become a great aid in assisting students to remember to be present and accountable how they show up for themselves, their environment from a self-responsible perspective.

It is my desire to assist others in reclaiming the champion of valor mentality despite the processes to achieving ones goals. By creating a peaceful mindset in the presences of the unknown, one develops a strong bond and intimate relationship with themselves. 

My experiences have led me to become aware of unrealistic expectations without compassion for our own and others compacities to comprehend or relate to other's needs for their unique soul and human evolutionary advancements.  The I AM series as a whole, especially the affirmation cards, are useful tools that can reestablish a healthy relationship with ourselves and others.

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Nana's Book of Insights and Recipes

Nana's Book of Insights and Recipes is one of several documents that I AM leaving as a living written legacy to my family and my bloodline generations to come. This book focus is on being aware of various components when choosing, preparing, cooking and eating live food sources. 

Originally written as a source of inspiration during my families health ailments and eventual transcendence from the human realm, I decided to add on to some of the questions that was asked by my family as it related to various things that assist in restoration and maintenance of a healthy body as it related to food sources. The books also has a variety of meals that me and my mother cooked for our families. 

I end the book in honor of my first self-realization and higher awareness of healthy issues originating in the spirit body and the mind before the body responses and bring awareness to what mental thoughts and outdated programming need to be changed. Louise Hays and Queen Afua were the first people my soul led me to and I read their books and did their healing practices as I was inspired by their personal journeys and healing practices.

Nana's Book of Insights and Recipes offer basic information to those who are on the path of developing a personal relationship with their food intake.

Trinity Within

Trinity Within is the first book I wrote and completed. It was inspired by my children's father, Calvin Johnson, and I correspondences. It begin with just a simple letter of him telling me to hug myself for him and that he will always be my friend no matter what. It sparked a heartfelt response that several correspondences later, turned into a desire to transform our letters into a book. 


The characters and chapters are fictional based on our dreams, desires and imaginations. 

There were many character and title name changes, one of which was "Jay Pay Erotic" due to all the sex scenes. However, the more we wrote and bounces back and forth, not to mention, feeding my need to write on my own in response to focus on something useful and different during my time of heaviness, we co-created a deep and exciting book that is also mentally and physically stimulating. 

Trinity Within sparked us both to look within and be honest about our Id, Ego, and True Self, had been operating together and separately in the past and present moments. It created healthy outlets and inspired us to be willing friends and conscious partners for ourselves and for our family. 


Trinity Within  is more than a fictional erotic book. it is an opportunity to look within and ask yourself, "Which part of me is in control?" "Am I truly at peace with myself and my life, or am I compromising with a shadow agenda?" or "Do I allow the processes to be what they are while having patience with a knowing of who I AM?"

It is our desire to allow ourselves and our readers to go on a Trinity Within journey. 

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