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"Such a beautiful piece of work from the choice of colors to the overall design of the book.


A wonderful way to start and end your day with positive affirmations!


I highly suggest adding this book to your collection.


—  Jahzara S.

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"The self healing journey is an on-going process.  

It’s important to have great tools for self reflection and self mastery. I continuously read and educate myself through several different methods, coaches, healers, master teachers, and therapists. But the healing only happens when we do the work. 


I’m so excited to dive into the IAM journal and affirmation tools created by Alisha Roberts! This will be another level of ascension for me. As well as a must have for my clients"

Life Coach Rhonda Byrd

"I love the color, texture and I am statements.


The cards message makes you want to carry the message with you all day. 


The words spoke to my energy and re affirmed my spirit." 

Kalah Leone ~ Columbus, Ohio


"I liked drawing from the cards because it gave me an affirmation that helped me push through day during online learning.


The cards also re-affirmed character traits I knew about myself."

Detroit Public School Student

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"The I AM cards is exactly what is needed to spark the energy of self-confidence for students. They are easy to read.

The I AM statements don’t just spark energy but spark conversation. The conversation evolves into reflection, reflection is the goal for many young people today.


As an educator, the I AM cards has been the tool needed to get students talking about their goals, planting the seed for what they can be, what they want to be, and most importantly affirming that they matter.


The second fold to I AM cards is the empowerment it gives me as an educator for the days when I’m weary, and the days my energy is at its lowest. The I AM cards revitalize me and reaffirms

who I AM!

I AM CARDS is a transformational tool all educators need in there tool belt!" 

"Drawing the I am cards was a positive message I needed when I came to school.


I also loved talking about the cards with friends."

Detroit Public School Student

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"I look forward to pulling the cards my energy draws as an affirmation to who I am and who I am open to being.


The message of the card affirms who I am meant to be."

Ms. Tina - Detroit, Mi