Being Present for your Emotions.

When someone would talk to me in a certain tone or used certain words, it would trigger me inside and depending on what state of mind I was in or if I didn’t had enough energy, my response would be defensive. I begin to take note of myself and realized, I was not in control of my emotions. I was allowing others to control them.

The more I did my shadow and soul work, I found many of the triggers inside. I also learned I was very depleted in minerals and had sugar drops, as such, it caused me to experience anxiety. Before I learned about spirituality and eating to live, I experienced deep depression and was very quick to defend myself regardless of how small or large my mind perceived the danger to be. It could something as simple as making my order wrong or me having to repeat myself, that would cause me to erupt.

Now that I’ve been here for over a half a century, I reflect back upon myself with self-forgiveness and gratitude for all my experiences.

With applied energy and discovering the science and mathematics of my body via R.B.T.I. (Reams Biological Ionization Theory), I am now stable and present for my emotions. I no longer need to control situations or experiences to trust the processes for everyone involved. I can now discern what is and isn’t for me without limiting myself or others.

Learning how to manage my emotions came from what I did above and going back and having an open conversation with those who were willing to take the journey with me. I listened to how I affected them and for the most part, what I heard was, me perceiving they were able to understand what I was saying or it was their own perceptions and inner struggles. I was a trigger for them. Most were open to being responsible for their emotions and released me as the cause of their distortion. Others were able to take the journey to discover it was their own thoughts they were wanting me to be responsible for.

There were some that I choose not to reach out to for various reasons and I turned it mover to the harmonious cosmic alignment for all of us. From my experiences of doing that, each time I did that allowed both sides time to have other experiences to assist us with what our contract was about. One example is my children’s father. It took us over twenty-five years to be able to have a open and honest conversations. It came at a perfect time in my life that once I released the person who I wanted to assist and partner with me in self-healing, he willingly showed up and was able to be present and vulnerable enough to do the work with me. As such, we are friends, co-parents, grandparents and co-authors to a fiction book we wrote together under very unique circumstances. We accepted what our individual and collective journeys are and we work with it. This one experience along, provided me insights to my past and present emotional states of being and the Universe responded to my deepest and truest desire… To be in control of and responsible for my emotions without having to play myself small. i am no longer afraid to trust the processes of my feelings and what I do about them.

On a physical level, most emotional disturbances are rooted in a need to be right, unresolved trauma, learned behaviors, social acceptance and/or a depletion of vitamins and minerals within the body.

on a spiritual level, one is not aligned with their higher self whether it’s due to deficiencies in the body or lack of awareness.

Self-acceptance is a critical key to managing one‘s emotions. Being open to the cosmic alignment of experiences is what give one the opportunity to truly know themselves by being present in order to know what their responses would be.

It must be noted that you are the author of your reality. You get to choose if you are ready or not. You get to choose which experiences you want to have. Everyone is not capable of being in control of their emotions for various reasons. As such, provided you an opportunity to gauge yourself. Something it’s not worth it, causing disturbances within yourself, especially if a person has admitted to not wanting to be responsible for their part or they are in a high state of victimization, it is best to trust Higher Source and the cosmic alignment to handle and guide everyone upon their path to self-enlightenment and responsibility.

Everyone is accountable their thoughts, words and actions. Karma is real and works to assist each of us in self-awareness of the energies we give. Once I embraced my karma, I realized how blessed I was to expand myself in my part of cause and effect. I realized that for the most part, everything I did and do is from my heart center even if I say no or choose to not get involved with other people experiences. I just had to be introspective to ensure I didn’t block others lessons and experiences based on my fears or understanding of sorts. Everyone is entitled to learn on their own accord and when invited, I still had to process what is and isn’t necessary to say or do in order to not become apart of someone else’s soul growth lessons.


Being responsible for managing your emotions can only occur if you are willing to be self reflective and be able to listen to the other person’s experience in this situation. It’s not being right or wrong. It’s about understanding how you play a part in the collective consciousness.

As humans, we must become responsible for the foods and liquids we eat and drink. Making sure your body is operating in a healthy state is also crucial to managing one’s emotions and responses As well as facing fears. Once a person own what they say and find with their self-reflection journey the next step is change. CHANGE IS EVOLUTION.

We are only what we perceive ourselves to be. Being authentic is more than telling the truth, its also doing the work with acceptance of your processes and part within the collective, is what makes the journey called life worth it. Thank you for reading my blog.

I appreciate your comments and feedbacks.

May your journey be self-empowered in ways that are a benefit to you, your connections and your destiny.

Won Love,


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