Gratitude is defined as “the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.”

Gratitude is something that isn’t taught rather one develops over time.

Sure we raise our children to say “thank you” when they receive gifts or kind words, however, do we teach them why it’s important to give to others from a full heart space instead of because someone does for them?

Giving from a full cup oftentimes doesn’t result from expectations of sorts. One gives because they have something to share that can benefit another with causing lacks to the giver.

also, the receiver is open and receptive to the give without trying to control what it means. Their heart is open and thankful that someone thought of them or was attentive to their needs.

Gratitude is a high vibrational word. When used in the proper perspective, it creates positive reciprocity and law of attractions that occur often and when one least expects it.

when it is not used correctly, it can create confusion and lacks that one can feel drained and misused.

Becoming aware of ones truth and accessing the motive behind the gift of gratitude can offer one an opportunity to be authentic and detached from what another does with the gift.

Writing gratitude statements, what you are grateful for, develops presence and self-realization of gratitude within ones life.

Saying “I AM grateful for the air I breathe.”, develops a healthy relationship between your lungs and how your body responses to the air we breathe. That leads to awareness of when the quality of air has changed and doesn’t serve your body well.

”I AM grateful for my family and friends.” affirmation, develops awareness of why and how one is relating and being present for each other.

By taking the time to develop gratitude within my life has awaken how I really felt and if I am was in alignment with my truth and my actions so that I can adjust or strengthen my resolve accordingly.

Even in painful experiences, I say I am grateful for the experience so that I can release the pains of misperceptions and open up to the lessons and opportunities the experience is offering me.

Writing a gratitude list for seven or more days can change your life with beginning with a change of mindset. Oftentimes it’s what we think that attracts our experiences whether we say them out loud or not. Being stuck on a adverse thought will cause depression and anxiety to occur. Both are rooted in not being in alignment with the way one thinks and what is in alignment for one’s purpose.

If you suffer from depression and anxiety, take the time to reflect and examine how you think about yourself and others. If it is not useful, one sided, or filled with misperception of being victimized, I suggest changing your thoughts and finding gratitude for the experience.

Ask yourself, “What did I learn?”, “How can I do something different?” or even becoming aware that your actions, thoughts and or words, are a part of the discord you are experiencing, can release the pressure and open one up to awareness of new ways to take responsibility for your part in the experience. This form accountable can change how you move and the way your body responds to the way you are perceiving what is happening. It can also develop strong bonds with others that are organic and loving, which is what we all want to have in our lives.

Becoming ok with allowing relationships to transition and flow in a way that doesn’t create obligations or expectations, increases one’s frequency and opportunities that are in alignment with the current status of your life.

I AM grateful to be able to write my thoughts down and share with others so that we all raise our awareness of how gratitude shows up in our lives.

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Won Love


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