The phrase“A jack of all trades is a master of none.” is a quote that most know but are not aware that it is a incomplete statement.

The way it is used, comes off as a judgement of a person and can cause low self-esteem, doubt, discouragement, and confusion about what one is led to do verses how others feel about it.

The complete statement is “A jack of all trades is the master of none, but oftentimes better than one.” Is a compliment and encourages those who are multitalented and are able to do more than one thing, to be true to their inner prompting to flow naturally.

Taking words often face value without researching it causes harm to oneself and others if one is lead to promote and repeat it as if it is a fact.

Personally, when I hear this statement, it feels low vibration. As I listen to why a person is saying it to me, I hear fear, lack, judgement about my life, and misperception.

I used to defend myself by trying to explain how or why I am doing whatever we are discussing, then I let go.

I realized it was their feelings and expectations, not mines. I realized that I am my validation and everyone has different ways of doing something.

I had to take a step back and look at myself to acknowledge if I’m judging or projecting my perception on others. I was. I had to accept my karma and dissolve the disconnect within myself and develop a health sense of identity and relationships.

In human design, I am a Manfesting-Generator, which means I have an abundance of energy that is attracting and I have to burn the energy off in order to rest. When I wasn’t aware of who I AM, I was perceived as busy and oftentimes found peace in assisting others in their goals or desires. Once I embraced myself, I found a treasure box within that was full of creative ideas that was waiting to be opened.

Of course to others who are not aware, can seem as if I am moving from one thing to another or that I have many talents but are not using one to its fullest potential, however, for me, I AM exactly where I am supposed to be and doing what feels right.

To provide a little insight into misperceptions of the quote above, think about a person wanting to go to school to be a doctor. Along the journey there are many courses to take and one must still provide for themselves, which includes relationships. During the process, depending on when another person takes interest, it can seem incomplete, messy or the requirements is distracting. There are many factors to take in consideration when a person is developing a career, that can expose them to other interest and abilities to provide more than one service. Does this make them not a great doctor because they are in to tradition and holistic medicine? They can be great at both and the time spent on being present for each course or job assignment, can actually enhance their skills because they are expanded in their knowledge and techniques to address the issue.

This understanding expanded me past the limited perception that as individuals, we can only do one thing at a time. To some people it makes sense and it is easier for them to learn their trade to be more effective, where others have the capacity to master a trade by doing different things.

The bottom line to this full phrase is that a person who does many things, often times has more information and abilities to get something done then a person that only knows one way to do it.

Misperceptions can cause pain, trauma, self-deflections, and limitations of sorts. Misperceptions begin within. Even though one may be mis-understood, doesn’t mean you are a bad person, just a limited one. This is easy to be corrected. Also, being on the receptive end, can offer one an opportunity to be introspective and shine light on the shadows within. Oftentimes we repeat what others say without having a full understanding that because we are limited in some ways we limit others. There is a big difference between boundaries and limitations. Take time to distinguish between the two and create a new way of existing in harmony with what works for you may not work for others.

Be mindful of how you perceive the best ways and how others learn their lesson. Change is occurring all the time and there are updates which provides opportunities to achieving your goal instead following one way of doing it.

By default this has always exist, we are now in a time of reclaiming our minds and misperceptions so that we don’t just take things on face value with an expectation that there is not another way and that people who are multifunctional, are successful too.

Thank you for reading my blog.

If something resonated with you, feel free to share and leave a comment.

Won Love,


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