What do you do when you have a deep connection with someone and no matter how long they have been out of your life, you are magnetically drawn back to them like they never left?


Astarte and Mustafa's love has spanned four decades. From childhood sweethearts, becoming parents to four children, welfare, fights, seperation, getting back together, jails, prisons, marriage to other people and death of loved ones. They have been lovers, parents, and enemies only to reunite to be healers to each other and successful entrepreneurs in their own rights. 


After being incarrcerated for nearly 20 years, can Mustafa accept the fullness of Astarte's life and the Goddess she has become today?


Can Astarte surrender to what she wanted so long ago? So much has changed. Astarte is sexually liberated and free to be fully herself, while Mustafa is living the promise he made to himself while in prison, and now that the benefits are abundantly flowing in from doing the work of soul, they both take their journeys  to discover the truths of their hearts, minds, souls and destinys.

Trinity Within

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  • Trinity Within is a story like most fictional stories, sprinkled with facts and fictions. The Id, Ego and Higher True Self are present and accounted for. Mix the past into the present and who knows what the future may behold. 

    Trinity Within tests "Free Will" vs "Divine Order".  Things aren't always what they seem and when the subconscious is revealed, is it the Higher Self or the Animal within, who is truly trying to control the flow that the Ego is honoring the impulses.


    Take a journey with Astarte and Mustafa in Novel One to be introduced to each aspect within them and find out if the Trinity Within will win.